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Ancestors of Janet Elaine GUERRA


1583349760. Walter de Maigne

William De Tracy (this William and his posterity differenced their coatarmour
from the elder house of Sudley, by adding an escallop shell between the two
bendlets.) lived in the reign of Henry II and held lands of his brother,Ralph
de Sudley, by one knights fee, which was probably the manor of Todington,for
it appears by Doomsday Book, that it was held by the Lord of Sudley , ofthe
manor of Sudley, and in the reign of Edward I the Tracys are expressly said to
be possessed of it, and this William, in a deed of Otwell, Lord of Sudley, son
and heir of the said Ralph is called his uncle; but that this is the same Sir
William Tracy, who was concerned in the assasination of Thomas A Becket,does
not appear, although FULLER in his Worthies, makes the assasin to be Sir
William Tracy of Todington, whom he describes as "a man of high birth, state,
of stomach, a favorite of the king's and his daily attendant;" but says
Collins, "I am not of his opinion, and 'tis evident, there were others of the
same name living at the same time"

1583349761. Godifu Goda

Elder sister to Edward the Confessor. Information from the Lds Ancestral file.
Submitter was Arlin Tracy Barnes 1396 East 300 North, Layton, UT 84040
Submission :AF92-105000