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Ancestors of Janet Elaine GUERRA


11. Catherine Hamilton

1 _FA1
2 PLAC Usually spelled her name as Catherine.

12. James Blaine Kelley

From handprinted sheet that I worte when questioning Richard BlaineKelley and
Daisy Emma Doutt Kelley about 1976.

Name: James Blaine Kelley
Born: (Sagamore) Indiana County, Pennsylvania (1888?) Aug 3
Married: 1912 June (ck dates) to Velma Mae Kiser
Where: Butler, Pennsylvania (mothers parents lived)
Died: September 193
WHere: Butler Pennsylvania
Brother: John A. (Andrew?) Kelley

Name: John(Andrew?)Kelley (Ruth Kiser) sister to (June, Velma, Clare andRoss)
Born: 1886
Where: (Sagamore?) Indiana County, Pennsylvania
Married: (1912?)
Where: Butler, Pennsylvania
Son: Harold
Daughter: Mildred
Daughter: Ruth

Velma Mae Kiser had 3 sisters and 1 brother Clare June Ruth and Ross

On the back of this sheet is the following information:

Wesley, Penn 1914
dec. 18,1895

Naomi Easton----|

Lord and Lady Ellis Uncle Don has a copy of the genealogy.

13. Velma Mae Kiser

Birthdate cahnge from 1904 to 1894. Information given by Earl Hitt
genealogy area message #446 on 10-03-94. He and his wife (Kiser line)
went to Shippenville, PA sometime in 1992 and copied records from the
Clarion Co. Courthouse and from the two cemetaries in Shippenville.
Mom told me that she remembers that Velma Mae (Kiser) KELLEY, was a
presbyterian (date-June29,1995). Sent Earl Hitt an internet message
on July 26, 1995. Awaiting responce.

14. Lawrence Nathan Doutt

LDS IGI data has Isabell ? as his mother. Grandma and Grandpa Doutt hadat
least one hunting dog. They moved to Raymilton, PA the year beforeCarline
(Caroline) was born.

15. Alma Ruth Hoover

Name is listed as Elma in the 1910 Census Soundex