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Genealogy Books

Here are some great Genealogy Books and Software.

I highly recommend them.

For Beginner Genealogists


The Genealogist's Companion and SourceBook

The Genealogist's Companion and Sourcebook offers you solid, step-by-step guidance from a searcher who's been where you are now. You'll find bibliographies. Case studies. Appendices with census forms, a family group sheet, and information on major archives, libraries, lending libraries and publishers.

Unpuzzling Your past: A Basic Guide to Genealogy

Unpuzzling Your Past makes the work easier, with interview formats, sample letters, work sheets, multi-generation forms, census extraction forms from 1790 through 1920, a comprehensive resource section, bibliographies and case studies. For this edition, Emily Croom has expanded the chapters on public sources, including censuses, courthouse records, federal government resources and computers in genealogy.

The Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook

Geneaologists, whether beginning or experienced, will add to their success with this time-saving research-planner/organizer. The book includes 21 new and 21 revised genealogical forms, fascinating illustrations from actual research, and tips to help searchers write effective genealogy letters. With this book, genealogists will keep their work on track and their records accurate, thorough, and in one place

Researcher's Guide To American Genealogy

Val Greenwood's Researcher's Guide To American Genealogy, 3rd Edition provides important updated links between computers and genealogical research, including chapters on property rights of women, new insights on the evaluation of genealogical evidence, and updated information on the 1020 census.

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The Handybook for Genealogists

Since 1947, The Handybook for Genealogists has proven itself as the most popular and comprehensive research aid available for U.S. genealogists, saving them hours of additional work with each listing. This year's edition features the most accurate and up-to-date county data ever compiled into a single publication. More than 3,500 county officials nationwide have contributed to this guide.

  • completely updated state-by-state directories of archives, genealogical libraries and societies
  • county listings for each state, featuring county names both past and present, crucial dates, capitol addresses, and a list of available records with dates
  • profiles of every state, including its general history, sources for maps, census and church records and more
  • updated custody information on 95% of all the counties and parishes in the U.S. with data on court proceedings, land and property records and more