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Using PowerPoint for Family Photo Slideshows

by Janet Tabares


Have you ever wanted to make a slide show of family photos? You can with MS Office Powerpoint. You have to get your photos scanned into a format that your computer can recognize. jpg and gif are the most often used. With the right cables you can hook a large screen TV to your computer and run the show.

Here are the instructions for making a slide show once you have your photos in the computer.

1. Open Powerpoint, select blank presentation, select Large Object Autolayout in the AutoLayout dialog box.

2. Next, click Insert from the Menubar at the top of the page. select Picture, then, from file. This will bring up the Insert Picture dialog box. From there, browse your computer's folder until you find the folder containing the files you want to use.
Many people stuff everything in folder within the My Documents folder. Select the file you want to have shown first, then click Insert at the bottom of the Insert Picture box.

3. At this point, the picture will be in the slide show. If you need to you can resize it using the Picture toolbar. If you don't see this, click once on the picture. Scroll your mouse slowly until you see the button titled Format Picture. The second tab will probably be called Size depending on the version you have. Click this and make adjustments to the picture. There is an option for "Best scale for slide show. Click this box and see if the size looks right to you.

4. Click Insert Slide to add another slide to your slide show. Repeat the instructions from number 2 down for every picture that you want to add.

5. At the end you will be asked if you want to save the changes, say yes and give the slide show a name that you can remember, save it to a place that you can find it. To run the slide show click on the last button at the bottom of the screen next to a picture of four boxes. This is the Slide show view button. Click the mouse left button to change slides.

How did you like your first lesson in Powerpoint! Enjoy!